Expected Results

Over five years, GREAT Program aims to impact the lives of 10 per cent of the total adult female populations in Son La and Lao Cai provinces. More specifically it will:

  • improve the incomes of 40,000 self-employed women farmers and small entrepreneurs across the two provinces;
  • contribute to the creation of 4,000 full time equivalent positions for women in fulfilling and safe waged employment;
    leverage over $US 6 million in private sector investment for business opportunities that are profitable, sustainable and inclusive;
  • increase the self-reported confidence, enthusiasm and self-esteem of 80 per cent of women beneficiaries (equivalent to 32.000 women beneficiaries);
    increase the number of women leading or co-managing formal businesses by 15 per cent;
  • increase women’s profile and roles in: policy, management, strategic decision-making, and resource allocation in the agriculture and tourism market sectors.
  • achieve measurable improvements in gender equity, roles and norms within the families of GREAT beneficiaries;
  • ensure 80 per cent of Agriculture and Tourism stakeholders confirm that sector plans and strategies adequately address issues that are critical for inclusive sector growth.
  • contribute to significant progress in five or more Provincial policies or guidelines in the agriculture and tourism sectors.