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Growing Tourism In VAT Village

Luong Thi Hong Tuoi and the Thai ethnic minority farming community of Vat Village have in recent times relied on tourists to supplement their incomes, but despite the recent downturn due to COVID-19, their prospects are much better now than even just a few years ago.  Like many rural villages, farming around Vat village was

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How Sapanapro overcame market difficulties during COVID-19

During social distancing, GREAT partner Sapanapro’s leaders maintained frequent contact to support their partners and agents. They were willing to share risks with agents to overcome market difficulties.

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FAVRI boosted application of Internet of Things technology

GREAT partner FAVRI has in this challenging period taken as the opportunity to apply IoT (Internet of Things). This reduces labour costs and helps farmer groups to better manage and monitor the production process.

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Lan Rung refocussed target group to respond to COVID-19

With its business focusing on brocade products, more than 50% of GREAT partner Lan Rung’s clientele are normally international tourists who are interested in the traditional cultures of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities.

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