Tourism Sector Overview

The Gender Responsive Equitable Agriculture and Tourism (GREAT) Program is working with partners to sustainably grow the tourism sector in Lao Cai and Son La. Tourism has an important role to play in North-West Vietnam as it generates a significant number of jobs, particularly for women and youth.  Being labour intensive, it has relatively low barriers of entry for service-level jobs as well as micro and small businesses that service the sector.

Tourism development, done responsibly, can help maintain areas of high conservation value and protect local culture by helping local governments and communities understand the economic benefits tourism can bring if natural attractions and local culture are maintained.

The growth in the middle class in Vietnam and neighbouring China that can afford to travel is underpinning the tourism industry in Lao Cai and Son La. Improved road access and local services are also a major contributor to growth in the sector. There is a real opportunity to develop tourism that brings benefits to women, particularly from ethnic minorities and those living in more remote areas in Lao Cai and Son La.