Aus4EqualityUpdatesJoining hands with ethnic minority communities for Vietnam Family Day

Joining hands with ethnic minority communities for Vietnam Family Day

Culminating on Vietnam Family day on 28 June, GREAT joined with our partners in Son La and Lao
Cai for a series of events to promote gender equality. “Joining hands for a happy family” attracted
the active participation of thousands of families from Mong, Thai, Muong, Dao and Ha Nhi ethnic
groups in four project target districts (Van Ho in Son La Province and Van Ban, Bac Ha and Bat Xat in
Lao Cai Province).

Joining hands for a happy family

The events promoted gender equality, the importance of building a happy family and awareness-
raising on domestic violence prevention. The initiative included an online competition, role plays,
games, cooking competitions, product exhibitions and traditional dances. Since the launch in early
June, the online contests attracted more than 4,000 people. Families participating in the events were
from 11 agriculture and community-based tourism projects led by GREAT partners CARE, AOP, ADC,
CRED and the Plant Protection and Crop Department in Son La, and Helvetas, Oxfam, SNV, the
Department of Culture and Information Bat Xat and the Van Ban’s Women Union in Lao Cai.

Through cooking contests, traditional values and family bonding are promoted

The events were not only a fun and memorable experience but also an opportunity to better
understand the importance of gender equality for creating happy families and enabling women to be
more confident, proactively participate in economic development and have increased decision-making
in the family, work and community.

Women happily join the event

“I wanted to participate in this event to share happiness and positive energy to everyone.”, said Ca
Thi Hau in Chieng Khoa Commune, Van Ho District, Son La Province.
“The online competition organised by ADC has helped us understand more about gender equality and
what contributes to a happy family. Indeed, this competition has brought a lot of changes to my
family’s awareness of gender equality. I even encouraged my wife and children to join so that we can
understand each other better”, said Dinh Van Thanh in Van Ho District, Son La.
“This is a unique occasion when all GREAT NGO partners have collaborated to organise a successful
online contest on gender equality, attracting positive responses from the participating households,”
said Le Hong Phong, Program Coordinator of GREAT Project Management Unit in Lao Cai.
The GREAT Program aims to increase income for 40,000 women, create 4,000 new jobs and
increase the self-reported confidence of 80 per cent of women beneficiaries. Over the past 18 months
the GREAT Program has supported 24,000 women to have new knowledge and skills in agriculture,
tourism and business, helped establish 350 women-led collective groups and introduced new support
services and technologies.