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The GREAT Program is implemented in two provinces of Son La and Lao Cai in the mountainous Northwest Vietnam, a home to diverse ethnic minority populations.

Son La and Lao Cai currently derive most of their provincial income from the agriculture, tourism, services, industry and mining sectors. Of these, tourism and agriculture offer the greatest potential for women to enter and progress economically, given the unique opportunities in these sectors across Northwest Vietnam. However women in this region are experiencing challenges such as market isolation, lack of access to quality services and support, lower levels of education and cultural and social norms, which prevent them from accessing economic opportunities. They have a predominant role in tourism and agriculture, yet their economic returns are typically low.

The GREAT Program will focus on amplifying the following strengths and opportunities for women in this region:

  • Women’s already significant productive role in agriculture, and nascent involvement in production groups;
  • The engagement of ethnic minorities in niche smallholder production and community-based services, such as catering;
  • The burgeoning tourism market and infrastructure, particularly in Lao Cai, which provides women with opportunities to transition to village-based or off-farm employment and income