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Hanoi, Vietnam.

Assignment duration


March 2020 – September 2021

Start date


March 25, 2020

Deadline to apply


March 15, 2020




With more than 30 years of experience, Cowater International is Canada’s global leader in management consulting services specializing in international development. We have managed the implementation of over 800 projects in more than 80 countries around the globe for clients such as DFID, DFAT Australia, the World Bank and Global Affairs Canada. We work with governments, partner organizations, communities and civil society to design and implement sustainable solutions that generate lasting social, economic and environmental impacts. Our adaptive approach to management has led to our award-winning work and recognition as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies in 2017 and 2018.



Cowater is seeking to recruit highly qualified organisations or individuals to produce high quality video clips and images for the Aus4Equality|Gender Responsive Equitable Agriculture and Tourism (GREAT) Program.

The GREAT Program is a flagship initiative of the Australian aid program in Vietnam – it commenced in November 2017 and will run for five years (2017 to 2021). The Program seeks to promote women’s economic empowerment (WEE) in the ethnically diverse north-west region of Vietnam. The primary beneficiaries are women living in the provinces of Son La and Lao Cai, while an overarching emphasis is placed on the inclusion of women from ethnic minority communities as these provinces are home to twelve and twenty-six ethnic groups respectively.

The objectives of the Aus4Equality|GREAT Program are:

·       Objective 1 – Empowering local women: Women living in local communities have increased capacity, space and choices to beneficially engage with agriculture and tourism businesses.

·       Objective 2 – Inclusive businesses partnerships: Selected private sector actors within the agriculture and tourism sectors innovate to profitably and sustainably trade with more women entrepreneurs and operate in gender sensitive ways.

·       Objective 3 – Improving sector governance and policy: Government agencies reinforce policies, and enact plans, regulations and services that enable more inclusive socio-economic development.


The Program will partner with approximately 50 partners to deliver results, including private sector actors, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and research institutions.

To support GREAT’s communications objectives, a series of videos and the development of a comprehensive image library based on the Program’s key themes is needed for different media channels and important events. The videos and images will cover the major dimensions of the GREAT Program such as empowering local women, market systems development and access to finance across the agricultural and tourism sectors. It also will cover the two districts in Son Al and five distracts in lao Cain where the Program is focussed. 



This assignment is to produce a series of video covering different themes of the Program such as market system development, women’s economic empowerment, gender equality and social inclusion and access to finance and other videos featuring different events of GREAT and to develop different sets of high-quality images covering major dimensions of the Program.


·       Discuss with GREAT team about ideas and timeline and mandatories including how to appropriately portray women, children and ethnic minorities

·       Finalise brief with GREAT team for each specific task

·       Carry out the filming and photo shoot in the designated location with estimated length for each trip es below:


Promotion video/photo trip

Event video/photo trip

Lao Cai

5 days

3 days

Son La

5 days

3 days



1-2 days


·       Provide high-quality and edited videos with specific topic as agreed with GREAT

·       Provide a series of image library covering different dimensions of the Program including:

o   Mix of local men and women who are both engaging in their agriculture/tourism activities

o   Women in empowered positions and professional roles

o   Moments where two or more people share a clear connection

o   Images portraying the partnership between different stakeholders

o   Beneficiary-centred photos

o   Images of happy families

o   Innovation approach

o   MSD approach


·       A script and detailed shot list which is approved by GREAT for each assignment

·       A number of video files with minimum quality of Full HD 2,500 including:

o   05 promotion videos covering different themes of the Program such as market system development, women’s economic empowerment, gender equality and social inclusion and access to finance with length ranging from 4-10 minutes each. These videos will be filmed in Lao Cai or Son La.


o   05 videos featuring different events of GREAT with length ranging from 4-10 minutes each. These videos will be filmed in Lao Cai, Son La or Hanoi.

o   30 interview videos with different stakeholders of GREAT, including donors, partners, government authorities, beneficiaries and event participants with length ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes each.

·       A series of image library, each set composes of at least 150 high-quality edited photos, including:

o   05 photo albums covering different dimensions of the Program. These photos will be shot in Lao Cai or Son La.

o   05 photo albums of events taken place Lao Cai, Son La or Hanoi.



·       At least 3 years of demonstrated experience in professional videography and photography

·       Experience in filming and shooting videos/photos for development projects, preferably including economic development projects in Northwest Vietnam

·       Demonstration of the professional equipment to support the work



Please submit your proposal to by 5 pm (Hanoi time) 15 March 2020 specifying the position you are applying for in the email title. The proposal should include:

·       Profile of the organisation or CV of individual applicant

·       Portfolio of videos and photos taken in the last 3 years

·       A quotation for the assignment

Please note that an agreement will be entered into with the successful consultant that should be compliant with CowaterSogema’s head contract with DFAT including DFAT ownership of final deliverables.

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Women, and people of minority groups, are encouraged to apply