Aus4EqualityUpdatesSupporting Women’s Economic Empowerment in Vietnam

Supporting Women’s Economic Empowerment in Vietnam

8 November 2017 – Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon Julie Bishop MP announced a new initiative to support women’s economic empowerment in Vietnam.

The Australian Government will invest $33.7 million through the new Aus4Equality program, focusing on Sơn La and Lào Cai provinces in the north-west of Vietnam.

The mountainous north-west of Vietnam is home to a diverse ethnic minority population and has some of the highest levels of poverty and inequality in the country. Women in these areas are particularly disadvantaged, experiencing challenges such as isolation, lower levels of education and lack of decision-making power in their households and community, which prevent them from accessing economic opportunities.

Aus4Equality will empower local women to better engage in agriculture and tourism markets, enhance women’s voices in decision-making, promote partnerships with the private sector, and support more inclusive government policies and services.

The program will help to improve the lives of women, their families and local communities, and contribute to improved productivity and economic growth in the region.

The empowerment of women and girls is a priority for Australia’s development assistance and a key pillar of Australia’s engagement in Vietnam.