The GREAT Program will engage with market players to lead the change process and create market conditions that can sustainably and beneficially change the lives on women in the Northwest.

The Program will need different partnerships at different times in order to see system level changes adopted, maintained, and expanded. By working with a diverse portfolio of partners from public, private,and non-governmental  sectors, the program can leverage their skills, experience and resources to achieve the expected outcomes.

GREAT will partner with NGOs and mass organizations to work with, support, and build the capacity of the target communities and beneficiaries. Engaging with leading NGOs allows us to capitalize on a suite of experiences, established relationships, the best practices and lessons learned of these stakeholders.

GREAT will also partner with diverse private sector players, including agribusinesses, tourism businesses, cooperatives, social enterprises and the broader private sector, in the form of inclusive business partnerships. We made this strategic choice as we believe private sector companies are capable of developing innovative business solutions to include more women in their product supply chains to sustain their profitability, while at the same time running their business in a more gender responsive way. In exchange, women’s production and service skills will be enhanced and their access to input and output markets will be expanded, resulting in improved incomes and employment.