Aus for EqualityUpdate33 Tourism and Agriculture Concepts Shortlisted for the GREAT Program in Lao Cai province

33 Tourism and Agriculture Concepts Shortlisted for the GREAT Program in Lao Cai province

The GREAT Program has selected 33 potential partners, based on their innovative business initiatives and policy improvement ideas to engage and benefit women in Lao Cai province. There was a strong representation of project concepts across both the tourism and agricultural sectors. Earlier this month, 22 partners were shortlisted by the Program in Son La province, making a total of 55 shortlisted partners in both target provinces. The potential partners include private enterprises, social enterprises, business associations, government agencies, non-government organisations and research institutions.

In the first two weeks of November, four “co-creation” workshops were held in Son La, Hanoi and Lao Cai to provide the potential partners with tools and guidance on how to prepare robust project designs and business plans. The events also provided a match-making opportunity for business and non-business partners to work together to achieve greater economic and social impacts.

Through these partnerships, the GREAT Program aims to create increased income for 40,000 women, with a focus on ethnic minority women, by engaging in agriculture and tourism markets in Lao Cai and Son La. The Australian Government will provide approximately A$16 million in funding for the projects with A$26 million in matched funding from partners.

It is expected that full project proposals will be finalised by December this year, with successful applicants implementing their initiatives from early 2019 until the end of 2021.

Potential partners presenting their initiatives to the wider group

Potential partners working in groups

Ms. Kelie Raab (first left), First Secretary at DFAT, wishing potential partners all the best with their full proposals.

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